Another shooting. That’s Great. Lets do nothing.

I’m starting to grow cynical about mass shootings in the US and Canada. I heard the latest on the news and it hardly registered with me. There have been too many in recent years. Add that to all the racially motivated killings, I’m past overwhelmed.

I’m not sure how many many more times I can take the “don’t take away our guns and freedoms and right to choose” argument when it is so clear that this “freedom” can’t be handled in a universally responsible way. To debate that in the face of all this random death is absurd and has no moral foothold.

We are locked in a cycle of fear, forboding, and cynicism. I wonder if this is how the the ancient Greeks felt? Their obsession with tragedy is sadly similar to what we see in the media and in the news now. Everyone knows it’s coming, it’s become an entertainment, and no-one is going to be able to do anything about it.

Jon Vickers – A fond farewell.

Jon Vickers died yesterday, and I was traveling so I couldn’t write anything. To say he was a unique talent was a great understatement, but what moves me most about him was his willingness to put the music first to the sacrifice, some would say, of his vocal superiority. T

Well, if he had not done that, he would never have given us this beautiful gift. For all of the fantastic dramatic roles he portrayed, especially Peter Grimes and All the Wagner, I think that this is one of the most interesting and musical approaches to an aria. Positively surprising, human, and daring. Vickers sang this aria, which I’ve heard at least a million times, unlike anyone else, and is a testament to his unique artistry. Just like Ben Heppner redefined O Souverin for me, so Vickers redefined this aria. A very loving and vulnerable presentation, I can’t listen to this version without goosebumps for the last 30 seconds or so.