A wonderful (and busy) year ahead.

What a great musical year it is shaping up to be. I’m going back and forth across the country several times this year, which will add come challenging elements to my life to be sure. In addition to my musical life in Montreal with St. Matthias and Ensemble Bellechose, I’ll be guest conducting at the Winnipeg Symphony New Music Festival, and we’ve expanded Polycoro’s season to two programs and three concerts. There will be more details in about a week I think about something else that is on the way. Until then I’ll leave you in suspense about another major concert on the horizon. Suffice to say, guest conducting is a very good thing.

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Sometimes going home is great

The last few weeks are a real blur, I have been having a great time working with all levels of singers in Manitoba. I’ll talk about the Polycoro debut in a later post, it was one of the best experiences of my life and deserves more space than I can commit just now…

A particular treat for me was working with the choir at Westgate Mennonite Collegiate, where I attended High School. I was really fortunate to have Vic Pankratz as a mentor there, he had a huge influence on my conducting and singing when I was a lad. The kids there have a fantastic way about them and they treat each other very well. They are musical and smart, they picked up really fast and I was very excited to work with them. I can see why he stays there, it is a wonderful environment to be in, it probably doesn’t feel like work that often. I hope I’ll get to go back again sometime soon.