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We started Polycoro to explore choral repertoire that is under-represented and to offer a high-energy, persuasive, eloquent approach to choral performance. We are already drawing rave reviews, large audiences, and are taking musical trips around the choral world every season. Polycoro exists in a few different formats depending on what the repertoire calls for – sometimes we are just 5 singers, sometimes we are 24.

Above all, Polycoro is a labour of love between a group of us – a bunch of singers and a board – who are really passionate that choral music can always be more complete and more interesting. These are really fine singers, and really wonderful people. I can’t say enough good things about the experience.

This year we have 3 concerts, a quiet year for us, but there is more on the horizon and for a group that has only been around for 5 years we’re doing really great.

You can also follow the blog my brother started to give voice to his own exciting perspective