We started Polycoro to explore choral repertoire that is rarely presented and to offer a high-energy, persuasive approach to choral performance. We are already drawing rave reviews, large audiences, and are taking musical trips around the choral world every season. Polycoro exists in a few different formats depending on what the repertoire calls for – sometimes we are just 5 singers, sometimes we are 24.

Above all, Polycoro is a labour of love between a group of us Рa singers and a board Рwho are really passionate that choral music can always be better. These are really fine singers, and really wonderful people. Working with them is the best part of my year.  Take a listen to some of our live recordings and tell me what you think!

Next year we have 5 concerts, which will make us the busiest professional choir in Winnipeg. This is a big deal for a startup from just a few years ago, but we feel like we are just getting started!

For more information about the ensemble visit polycoro.ca