Worlds Apart – 2016 – Polycoro

Norbert Palej about Songs of not being there

I am stunned by the beauty of your and Polycoro’s performance of my piece, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you have put into bringing it to life.

Your group’s singing is absolutely gorgeous, but even more importantly: you captured that special energy, focus, and patience which is necessary for the music to truly communicate. Your understanding of my intentions is complete, and I am quite amazed how naturally you were able to get straight to the soul of the expressive purpose contained in the notes. The seriousness and commitment with which the choir members approached the music is also evident. Please accept my gratitude.

British Mysteries – 2016 – Camerata Nova

“What a stunning concert; I had chills going up my spine through much of it. Masterful control by the choir.” – Barbara Schott
“Quite ethereal – sound seemed to surround. Ending excellent way to pull it all together after meditative Shunya…” – Pat Allen
“Excellent! A+” – Matthew LeBow
“Glorious!” – Barbara LeBow
“Superb! Please keep it up.” – Bernie Lodge


WNMF 2017 – Polycoro

Nicolas Gilbert about Qu’avons nous oublié

Thank you so much for this. It’s a truly amazing version of the piece. I find the balancing of the voices in the last movement very carefully put together, and there is an emotional drive to the 1st movement that I have never felt before. I really like it!
I would love it if we could find an occasion to work together on a new piece someday!