Because I’m lucky

I have two choirs that I work with pretty well exclusively right now – the choir at St. Matthias Church and Ensemble Bellechose. I have to say that I am completely enamoured with them, which is a rare privilege for conductors. Over the past few years I’ve worked with many groups, and while I have liked them it has been rare to experience LOVE. So today is simply a shout out and a note of thanks and thankfulness to all of my friends who sing in these choirs. It makes me feel such fulfillment and I’m just so grateful that these amazing singers show up week after week for our common work together.

Goodbye NFL

While I didn’t love your tactics or your game that much, it was a fun way to spend certain times of the year. Now, no more. I hold no illusions that sports figures in North America get away with far too much – they are not always role models the way I would hope that they would be – but this Ray Rice fiasco is too much. That, combined with Adrian Peterson, Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick, RAY LEWIS etc, has pushed me over the edge. There are just too many. Too much bad press, too many role models gone wrong.

So farewell NFL. I’ll be spending my time elsewhere.

Go Habs Go

Super excited that the Habs are taking the ice in just 10 minutes for the third and last inter squad scrimmage. The Habs are very, very deep this year and that bodes well for the team that is a bit… weak… physically. They no longer need to worry that they can’t play at top speed because of injury, there are at least 4 NHL ready players that won’t make the starting roster out of training camp.

They are, just for the record – Pateryn, De la Rose, Tinordi, Andrighetto. Each of these guys can play in the NHL tomorrow, but won’t unless the team gets some injuries. I don’t think Tinordi is making the team, and that is a huge disappointment

I feel the team will ice the following players to start the season:

Desharnais – Pacioretty – Parenteau

Plekanec – Bournival – Gallagher

Eller – Galchenyuk – Bourque

Malholtra – Wiese – Prust

Markov, Subban, Emelin, Gilbert, Weaver, Beaulieu.

Pressbox : Moen (until he can be traded) and Pateryn.