I Love the Lord by Jonathan Harvey

Here is one of my favorite pieces from the choral literature - I Love the Lord by Jonathan Harvey. This is a performance from 2011 with a great pickup choir that came together for my masters degree recital. It was a very stressful but exciting experience. These singers were outstanding to work with; many very … Continue reading I Love the Lord by Jonathan Harvey

Goodbye Grandpa

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANcpzIAFl38 It is impossible for us to measure how our relatives impact us. My grandfather was a great man to so many, including to me. I'm never going to know how to immortalize him properly, he had such an amazing life. Instead of trying to do it with words, I'll do it with music. Someday … Continue reading Goodbye Grandpa

St. Matthias Church

  St. Matthias Church is a semi-professional choir in Westmount that meets twice a week from Labour day to mid June. We present some of the best music ever written during church services three of every four sundays during that period. Our repertoire ranges from medieval to modern, and solo to 16 voices. If you … Continue reading St. Matthias Church