Taverner, Tallis, and Christopher

For the last week I’ve been conducting Camerata Nova through some really good music – Taverner’s Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas and Tallis’s Gaude Gloriosa Dei Mater. They are a great group of people and excellent singers, the concert should be a real treat. We’ll do it twice – once on Saturday and once on Sunday. It’s music I learned either singing with or studying with Christopher. In both cases it was a study in eloquence.

Over the course of the rehearsals it has been a real mixture of languages – almost a dialogue. I would put some of my own research on the table for the choristers and then something that Christopher had told me once would somehow sneak in. It’s funny like that, I really feel like he is around from time to time when that happens, especially when I find my body channeling an eerily similar motion to one he would have used…



A wonderful (and busy) year ahead.

What a great musical year it is shaping up to be. I’m going back and forth across the country several times this year, which will add come challenging elements to my life to be sure. In addition to my musical life in Montreal with St. Matthias and Ensemble Bellechose, I’ll be guest conducting at the Winnipeg Symphony New Music Festival, and we’ve expanded Polycoro’s season to two programs and three concerts. There will be more details in about a week I think about something else that is on the way. Until then I’ll leave you in suspense about another major concert on the horizon. Suffice to say, guest conducting is a very good thing.

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