Montreal – Part one

Montreal - my home now for 20 years - is one of Canada's gems. It is a marvelous place to encounter music and make friends and be involved in the arts on many levels. I've been very happy to live here this long - and I thought to share just a few snippits of what life was like in my first decade here.

A wonderful (and busy) year ahead.

What a great musical year it is shaping up to be. I'm going back and forth across the country several times this year, which will add come challenging elements to my life to be sure. In addition to my musical life in Montreal with St. Matthias and Ensemble Bellechose, I'll be guest conducting at the … Continue reading A wonderful (and busy) year ahead.

The Choir Grows!

St. Matthias Choir hasĀ 60% more choristers than we did last year. Something that has changed at St. Matthias has been our ability to attract choristers. Last year to start the season we had 17 very dedicated singers. This year we have 26 and the number keeps climbing. I have yet another audition this Sunday. If … Continue reading The Choir Grows!