Absolutely Revolting.

Being a student of history has its perks. It also has its downfalls. They are one and the same – this perk that is a downfall. Its that you know something to be a repeating situation, and you know its successes and its failures, and therefore have no hope for a better outcome.

In the throes of this US election (not to mention other parts of the world) I’m faced with  both saddening and predictable outcomes. When it comes to the interest of those of us with less economic status than the 1%, we are in a real pickle. The choices are between Joe Biden, who is seems to be struggling with memory loss and has rarely voted in the interests of the lower classes, and Bernie Sanders, who might not survive his first term in office. Neither of these candidates fills me with confidence, and it is hard to stomach supporting either of them. Bernie, at least, cares about the lower classes. Joe Biden clearly does not.

Compare that to the Don. Even worse! The Don is there to represent the interests of himself and perhaps some of his friends. He cares little, if at all, for anyone else.

That’s what this election is really about, its about lower class revolt.

Speaking of revolt, you might find this video of interest. Its from Terry Jones, an ex-parrot, who was one of the fellows who revolutionized comedy in the Monty Python troupe. In it, he explains how those of us lower on the totem pole had it better in medieval times than we do today. Its worth watching the full 30 minutes to understand why, and what worked. It is easier to revolt today using social media than it was a thousand years ago. It is also far less effective. If you really want change, you have to do more.

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