RIP Terry Jones :(

Ah Terry Jones. One of the Pythons has left the building. Its a sad day for those of us who love to laugh. Lots of people can talk about what made this man special. I mean, he was instrumental in making Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, and many other excellent films too legion to mention. He was great at making small things into great large hilariously silly things. I’d rather share some of the sketches that will forever hold him near to our hearts than go on.

Nudge Nudge

Swamp Castle

Blow on the Head

And just for Terry…

I’m so grateful for Monty Python. Freewheeling, silly, bizarre, unconventional, and form-breaking… Alas for our times, when comedy from 50 years past is of higher quality than most of what we find on TV or Netflix these days. Alas poor Terry… I’m sure that you’ll be joined by another Python sooner than we would like, and then the two of you plus Graham can point and laugh at us as we toil away in our futility and vanity.


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