What does music ask?

Dayna, my wife, was here for the weekend, and it felt incredible to share a part of our  musical future together. It has made me muse for some time about the nature of the life we have lived together. Dayna is a singer who saw my value, and her decision to sing at St. Matthias was the start of a new chapter in my professional life. Lucky for me! It was fitting to have her with me, and felt so good to see her get the first taste of this new chapter.

The question it made me pose today is : what does music ask? I can only talk about what it asked of me. It asked me to sacrifice. To give my time, my energy, my love, and my devotion to it. My violin teachers, Konstantin and Donna, taught me that I would have to slave if I wanted to have a career. They were right. Music has asked me, again and again, to go past myself, embrace a precarious life, and to consistently be the best version of myself. I do my best to listen. I do my best to heed it when it calls, and to go where it beckons. That has led me to a special place, a place I’m lucky to be.

There were a few times I considered quitting because the price was very high. And each time, someone appeared to encourage me. Christopher Jackson taught me how no musical effort is wasted. Patrick Wedd taught me to see the value in my work instead of the flaws. Those lessons helped me to endure, to be patient, and to continue on, and I hope they can help you too.

I don’t know if I live up to their standards. I don’t know what they would think if they heard my work today. I think they would tell me that it doesn’t matter, that it is up to me now. That I should make the most of today, and to go where music beckons.

Gratefully, I say yes.

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