What a flurry!

Within a month we have moved, set up a house, started new jobs, and had a myriad of meetings for Polycoro and GroundSwell. Some very good friendships that are forming which make me happy, and are reassuring me that this move is the right one. In all, having moved here was a calculated risk, but it is paying off. We are being welcomed here in many wonderful ways and it is great to be home.

This week Dayna and Alec are in Montreal while Dayna sings for the MSO chorus. I miss them so badly, but I’ll take this chance to make some adjustments to the apartment, like purchases of storage for all the scores. It’s a bit of a stressful thing for me, so I’m happy to do it while they are away.

I have had a great start to my ED tenure at Groundswell. It has been a real pleasure getting to know Heidi and she has been so attentive explaining how things work clearly. There are several elements there I love, not the least of which is a radio show that I get to host! All you composers out there, send me your stuff if you want to get on air, I’m happy to present your music. Please bear in mind that I only get an hour a week – I might not get to everything right away.

I’m taking the next 36 hours to largely study scores and visit with my siblings. It is always such a pleasure to look at scores, and I don’t get enough time to do it now, so I’ll take advantage of the silence.

Take care and keep in touch.

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