What does the future hold?

What does the future hold?

I have no idea, but I know where ours is – it’s in the frozen tundra of Winnipeg. And it’s because of someone’s advice that I took to heart two years ago: Take less work than you want to so that you have more quality control over what you do.

I’m so grateful for my brother Paul and my friend Zohreh who got me off the sidelines two years ago to try making another choir in Manitoba. I really didn’t have any idea where this was going to lead when we started Polycoro but I threw myself at the opportunity to do more high quality music in Manitoba. I took less work so I could get ready for it properly,  and suddenly our family is getting ready to move! We have found an apartment for August 1st. We have booked the movers, and I’m planning a cross country excursion in the week or so leading to that date.

And all because of Polycoro and an urge to simplify. And what a year for Polycoro. We did so many amazing things, so much great music, and I can’t wait to continue. It has been a great year – full of huge challenges and so many of them overcome. We are finding our singers and finding our voices in the music we are inhabiting. We are challenging what choral singing is and can be. We are challenging what good music sounds like and inviting our listeners to be adventurous and inquisitive. I couldn’t be more excited about the future with this fantastic group. The Winnipeg crowd was cheering at the last concert, actual cheering. And we are just getting started. I just can’t wait to be out there building it with my friends.

So: Take less work when you can. Sometimes it’s the difference.



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