Taverner, Tallis, and Christopher

For the last week I’ve been conducting Camerata Nova through some really good music – Taverner’s Missa Gloria Tibi Trinitas and Tallis’s Gaude Gloriosa Dei Mater. They are a great group of people and excellent singers, the concert should be a real treat. We’ll do it twice – once on Saturday and once on Sunday. It’s music I learned either singing with or studying with Christopher.¬†In both cases it was a study in eloquence.

Over the course of the rehearsals it has been a real mixture of languages – almost a dialogue. I would put some of my own research on the table for the choristers and then something that Christopher had told me once would somehow sneak in. It’s funny like that, I really feel like he is around from time to time when that happens, especially when I find my body channeling an eerily similar¬†motion to one he would have used…



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