Thoughts on Belgium

I have many friends in Belgium¬†and hearing their stories has been difficult. They are in shock, and I am too. That attack really was right at the heart of the Brussels as I love it – the airport and the metro Malbeek (nearby the homes of friends) are places that I used to be on a regular basis. Social visits, outings, trips to Morocco…

Those of you who are on FB will me can go in my photos and see many friends from those trips, lots of old photos and memories (sample above). Of course we reach out right away to make sure our friends are alright, but I feel like it is not enough. And in the case of one friend has not checked in, it can be stressful.

I’m hoping to go to Belgium for a study period in 2017. I will find it changed. The joyfulness of the Belgians I grew to love, will it remain? What about my Morrocan friends? I have no idea how their lives have changed but has it changed for the better in the last few days? I wonder how many of them are being harassed or threatened, how many are scared to go outside, or if they have lost their jobs. Belgium, especially in the rougher neighborhoods, can be violent. It’s the only place that I ever saw an assault during the day¬†– and I am starting to worry.

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