Public Safety – was it ever more than privilege?

It is hard to know exactly what my friends of African descent in the good old USA are thinking or feeling today. I have not really had the time to ask. Maybe they are thinking that this is the same old thing just with more publicity. Or maybe they are thinking that nothing has changed. I hope that they will share their thoughts with me soon.

Whatever they are thinking, I know how I feel, which is that it never should have come to this.

I don’t understand what makes it ok for a policeman to kill someone who clearly is not a threat. I don’t understand what makes it ok for policemen to act in a way that makes me feel less safe. I don’t understand why this has not changed in all these years. We’ve had so many years to deal with what can only be now described as legalized murder. And don’t even pretend for a moment that it is anything else.

“Don’t Shoot”

“I can’t breathe”

These are sentences synonymous with “I give up.” I know. I have trained in martial arts for 20 years. I know the different forms the phrase “I give up” can take.

And that is when these two men died – while giving up. It should not have happened. It is absolutely criminal and the justice system should hang it’s collective head in shame for enabling these murders.

Rich people in suburbs don’t have this happen to their children. This is a problem because the police make it one.

Once again I just feel lucky to live in Canada. I have thought about moving to the USA many times. I have a huge social network there of people who I share love and respect with. But I don’t think I will ever take the plunge unless there is a really huge damn good reason.

To my friends states side – I’m sorry. You deserve better than this.

Here is some Randy Newman to highlight how little has changed.

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