There is only so much gold that is useful.

*ascends to the soapbox*

There is only so much gold that is useful.

I feel that our current political system simply can’t work. It is based on economics – which is the only recognized measure of “power” in the world – instead of overall health – which is the worlds only true measure of “happiness”. There is a limit to the usefulness of anything, but we have failed to recognize that we have reached that limit insofar as power is concerned.

This system is governed by those at the top of the economic power structure. Those not at the top only get a say once every 4 years, unless there is a major writing campaign that sweeps the internet. This is making it very difficult for those not at the top to take part in the daily process of government and government decision making.

And while some will argue that politicians are responsible to those who elected them, history has proven that the wealthy are treated with much greater privilege. And here we are stuck in a short term cycle.

This short term system of governance – one completely dominated by economics and completely disregarding the health of humanity, is degrading the world at an incredible pace. If we continue this way, in 100 years it would not be surprising to learn that we exterminated ourselves fighting for the last sources of clean drinking water, habitable land, and medicine.

We should learn to take better care of ourselves and others now, rather than later. We will never save the planet for our children while our actions are so stained by the need to dominate. We must find a way to trust each other.

If you think there are no alternatives, I invite you to look at Iceland, a country that made a new system for themselves. This system, still in the process of development, was only possible when they said “no” several times to the perceived power of economic systems – first to their goverment, then to the banks and the EU. Despite all the threats, they have not received any reprisals. This is because money is money – and of limited importance and usefulness.

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